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Best 2012 Simmer Iron 4,0 Yellow

2012 Simmer Iron 4,0 Yellow by Simmer

PRODUCT INFO The new IRON has the power and control to be aggressive in any type of conditions. With a lighter top and a narrower top outline, we have gained maneuverability and made it lighter in your hands. IRON's low aspect ratio makes it our most stable wavesail, with a massive wind range and great control for highwind jumping. Full power, full control! KEY FEATURES - Low end power, high end control. - Wide range of 'tuneability' and the ability to thrive in average conditions. - Suitable for a wide range of riders, especially heavier riders, but also ideal for those smaller riders who are looking for a smaller sail with extra power. - The compact design translates into an extremely stable sail to handle in the air, making the IRON the most suitable sail for high-wind jumping. - IRON has a constant power delivery with a stable sail profile and an extensive wind range. - Highest technology in materials, manufacture and construction. - Crystal clear visibility. RIDER COMMENT '' Iron comes through when you need the power. It is able to be tuned to any wind angle, so you can use it in offshore wave conditions, or onshore. Its aggressive performance certainaly passes onto you as a sailor and gives you the confidence to try new moves. Super versatile, and light yet powerful. '' Kai Katchadourian US-33 PRO PERFORMANCE MAST: RDM 10 RECOMMENDED MAST: RDM 8 SECOND RECOMMENDED MAST: RDM 6 or SC-6 Testbericht auf SIZE / BOOM / LUFF / MAST / TOP 3.7 141 366 370/17 adjustable 4.0 146 380 370/17 adjustable 4.2 153 385 370/17 adjustable 4.5 157 403 400/19 adjustable 4.7 163 404 400/19 fixed 5.0 168 413 400/19 fixed 5.3 177 419 400/19 fixed 5.7 186 432 430/21 fixed 6.2 193 448 430/21 fixed 6.7 198 463 460/25 fixedRead more 2012 Simmer Iron 4,0 Yellow

2012 Simmer Iron 4,0 Yellow Feature

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